November 10, 2010


[Those who have limited and narrow view and try to gaze every thing through the spectrum of democracy need to define it  first, such as the selection of the prime minister, who had lost elections from two constituencies, shows how hollow has become the rhetoric of democracy in Nepal.How a certain citizen rejected by 89 % of the voters of their respective constituencies can be allowed to claim to be the people’s representative. This kind of wasting of the tax payer’s money shows that this is nothing but a mockery of democracy.]

By Kalyan Dev Bhattrai

Millions of people  protested  against the ex-king Gyanendra's autocratic rule in 2006: Photo courtesy Everest Uncensored
Today after witnessing the big tamasa (an ugly show) of the election for the prime minister and total failure of writing a new constitution within its stipulated time of 2 years period; rampant corruption, broad day light robbery of the treasury and total collapse of security system in the country, any citizen will have no hesitation to express openly that something has gone wrong in the country, all due to the personal ambition of the so-called leaders of the country  who need severe punishment now for their crimes: betrayals to the nation and lying to  peace loving law abiding people of the country.

Those so-called leaders will always try to hide their mistakes and go on saying that every thing will be fine as we are facing the interim period and to face such situation of anomaly and chaos during the it is natural, until the last week of the legitimate two years' period of constitution writing also the hypocritical  leaders were claiming that they will be able to  write the new constitution and without any apology or regret to the people, the 601 gang of the looters extended constitution writing period illegitimately, undemocratically and without the consent of the sovereign people, for one more year; proving that the present-day leaders of all the political parties are no better than the autocratic, tyrant, fools, who consider that the people are with them until they are lynched by the people themselves. 

I hope not to  be forced to see such days in my country’s street where the present day corrupt, power greed, leaders are burnt alive for their crimes and breach of trust, by the people, but who knows what happens tomorrow as the people have already reached the point beyond any more tolerance.

The Civil Society: The Wacth Dog
In this context, whether the so-called leaders of the country show their minimum honesty to revisit their past mistakes and do something to rectify those mistakes, so that the people see the ray of hope towards right direction and could still give a chance to the present-day leaders for solving the self-created problems. The intellectuals of the country must do their best to solve the present-day problems, so that the country could be led through the path of peace, prosperity and rule of law, wherein any Nepalese could enjoy a dignified life of their own, irrespective of any class, caste, religion, geographical location and profession.

I see the following mistakes which could have been easily avoided, had our present-day leaders shown tint of honesty and responsibility towards the nation and its people.

Wrong Modality of The Election of Constituent Assembly:

This was the biggest mistake after the 2061 Bikram Sambat Jana Andolan, when the Constituent Assembly (CA) election was held such a way that only the party cadres could  participate in the election, whereby I think the CA election was to select the competitive, honest, people’s representatives who could write the new constitution without any partisan interest, placing high priority to the requirements of the country: fulfilling the aspirations and wishes of the people without any aligned bias: politically, economically, religiously, socially , linguistically,  geographically and gender wise also.

Unfortunately however, the modality under which the last CA election was held,could select the party cadres only. In the present Constituent Assembly of 601 members, there is only one member Mr. Babu Ram Bhattarai who can claim to be a “people’s representative”, in a true sense. Because he is the only member who had secured more than 50 % votes. Rest all others are the rejected ones by the 89% to 59 % of the voters. To expect any good and positive results from such members discarded by the peoples is only one’s intellectual bankruptcy.

No Change in Ruler’s Attitude:

In this context, the modality of rule by the rulers since Rona regime shows no difference at all: the suppression, negligence toward the people‘s aspirations and requirements, feeling of lordship and arrogant attitude; behaviors of the ministers, the misuse of power, loot of the government treasury in different pretext, indifference towards the people’s concerns, corruption, stealing the national properties, be it land, forest, cash etc.  are  all the same as before; only the rulers have changed but their attitude, thinking and behavior etc. are exactly the same like that of  the Ranas who came into power in 1846 and lasted 104 years in the country. The Rana style rule has remained till now in the so-called republican period also. There is no change in the attitudes of the rulers. So this is eroding the confidence of the people and increasing apathy towards the present-day political leaders to the maximum point and any time the people will start to punish the corrupt, power- lusted leaders of the present time.

Unnecessary Fight for Ism:

The struggle, war, and insurgency for the establishment of any ism has become history and today all the countries in the world are dong their best for the economic development and leaving aside the priority for any ism. The recent year’s performance of China to develop itself so fast is mainly due to its priority for the economic growth rather than the extension of the communism as was the priority of then Soviet Union which led the country to disintegrate into many small pieces.

Today Nepalese people are not interested to know under what system they are being ruled but are interested to find out how they are ruled and in this context. The people give very little importance to the system and give attention to the realities of how they are being ruled. This is the main reason for the Maoist to be popular in spite of what they did during the insurgency. The Maoists could show a good performance in the last CA election – emerging as the biggest political party in the county. The ordinary people of the country were smart enough to know the requirements of the country, like the economic development, dignity of life, human rights, and rule of law, transparency. And to fulfill this they started to view the politics not through the narrow prism of the democracy but keeping in mind the country’s requirement for fast economic growth, whereas sadly most of our so-called leaders are still looking at politics through the narrow eye of isms. No particular ism is essential for the fast economic development of the country as noticed in the country like Singapore, China Korea etc. where the benevolent dictatorships to communism are working successfully.

Those who have limited and narrow view and try to gaze every thing through the spectrum of democracy need to define it  first, such as the selection of the prime minister, who had lost election from two constituencies, shows how hollow has become the rhetoric of democracy in Nepal. How a certain citizen rejected by 89 % of the voters of their respective constituencies can be allowed to claim to be the people’s representative. This kind of wasting of the tax payer’s money shows that this is nothing but a mockery of democracy.

The Culture of  Impunity:

The culture nourished and protected by the political parties of the country is one of the main reasons for bringing our country to such a situation of all round failure. Most of the present-day so-called successful leaders started their political career by killing their opponents in one or other pretext. Almost 100 % of them started their politics with borrowed money and low economic status and who have now become billionaires by looting of the country’s treasury. They are protected by their party leaders; they flout the law and use it for their personal benefit. They commit heinous crimes with impunity. This is the reality of the present- day politics of the country, which is well known to every body from the Supreme Court judges to the members of the human rights commission and the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) officers, but none of them takes any action against such corrupt leaders simply because most of them are linked to these corrupt leaders who had nominated or selected such officials in their present positions. These officials had not achieved their positions due to their qualifications, hard-work or honesty but by sycophancy of the corrupt leaders.

Non-Response to The Needs for Change:

Nepalese people in general want drastic changes in the attitudes and performance of the leaders and system of the country for which they participated in the uprisings of 1990 and 2006 also. This reality is being ignored by the political leaders of the country due to their vested interests. The support for the Maoist‘s demand of new constitution by the general mass was not for few amendments, and superficial modification of the existing constitution as demanded by the so-called leaders of the country but to re-write  entirely new constitution with new outlook, vision, system, and modality of governance. Today there is a struggle between the two groups: one wanting a new constitution as per the aspiration and wishes of the majority of the people and the other, who do not want any major changes and would like keep looting the country as before.  This struggle is getting more and more serious, complex, complicated and being camouflaged as the struggle for the isms.


I do not think the present-day struggle for the drastic change verses the superficial modifications of the law of land will end peacefully until the looters of yesterday and today also understand that their days of looting are over and now the country should be ruled by new set of people with new set of modalities, giving importance to the economic development rather than to any isms. In my opinion, this is the last chance offered by the people to pinpoint and expose the political charlatans who are engaged in exploiting the country in the name of the politics and if they do not come to their general sense and work in accordance with the people’s aspirations and wishes: the people will have no option other than lynching the corrupt so-called leaders openly in the streets. 

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From: Ashutosh Shrivastav
Date: Thu, Nov 11, 2010 at 1:25 AM
If democracy is defined the way Nepalese politicians have defined it according to their needs, Nepal has set up a wrong precedent and endangered the whole democratic system.

Ashutosh Shrivastav
United Nationalist Nepalese (UNN)
A Non Profit Advocacy Organization

On Fri, Nov 12, 2010 at 1:09 AM, Ram B Chherti <> wrote:

Quite correct assessment; as my friends from different countries tell me.  In fact, Nepal has become a laughing stock to the world.
What is left to write more ? No one trusts them. The giant neighbors also do not trust them.  Poverty can be alleviated but never the morally corrupt.

Ram B Chhetri

Virginia, USA