September 4, 2010


[When elephants fight,  grass cry ! Nepal is grass now.  It seems India and China are fighting 'to secure' Nepal, an independent sovereign country in the Himalayas and which therefore means she is not going to get through the 6th prime ministerial runoff vote tomorrow September 5, 2010 again. The purported (looks actual) audio tape links below  evidence that China is hellbent 'to buy' Nepal through the so-called 'nationalists force'  - the Nepalese Maoists - as  the former has recently been upgraded as the second largest economy in the world. She has money so she can buy anything she likes.  The Maoists actually  are the double dealers. India groomed those Maoists in her own backyard - New Delhi - and making a full blown force, unleashed them to abolish Nepalese monarchy. There were some fundamental reasons. Seemingly leaning towards China, the uprooted Nepalese monarchy could never have sound rapport with India. The southern neighbour, India, who perceives China as trying to make Nepal its 'coat-pocket' won't let it happen. Nepal's democracy has become a fun-show to the world. May lord Pashupatinath save Nepal .- The Blogger] 

Saturday, 04 September 2010 09:51

An audio tape 'reputed' to be telephone conversations between Unified CPN (Maoist) leader Krishna Bahadur Mahara and a Chinese businessman has revealed that the Maoists asked for Rs 500 million to distribute to lawmakers of other political parties to have them vote for their candidate in the prime ministerial election.

The tape, first
broadcast by a private TV channel based in New Delhi, and circulated to the media depicts two persons, one of whose voice and style resemble that of Mr. Mahara, talking about the prime ministerial election, in broken English. The tape has two rounds of telephone conversations.

When asked what kind of support was needed for the Maoists to form the government, Mahara replies - he needs some money to ‘buy the lawmakers,’ in the first part of the conversation. And again when asked how much money was required, Mahara says, he needs to confirm the amount after talking to the chairman. They also talk about how and where they could meet.

In the second part of the conversation, Mahara says, about Rs 500 million was required to ‘buy’ 50 lawmakers. They further talk about the possible places to meet. After considering
China, Hong Kong and Singapore, they settle for Hong Kong.

The veracity of the tape has not been established. Also nothing is mentioned about who the Chinese businessman was. Nothing more is known about the date of the conversation.

Both Mahara and the Chinese embassy in
Kathmandu have denied the authenticity of the telephone conversation.

Mahara told the media after the audio tape became public that it was totally fabricated and aimed at his
character assassination.

Full Text of the Audio Tape

Chinese caller: Mr Mahara, how is the trend in Nepal? The next (round of the prime ministerial) election is coming up and do you think… (what are you) hoping in the result?

Mahara: It (election) is very near, right now. It (the result) is also not clear.

Chinese caller: Do you think Maoists can get enough seats?

Mahara: No chance. We are trying but it is so difficult.

Chinese caller: What causing the problem to (get) enough seats?

Mahara: We have already 10-15 (extra) seats but may be (we need) around 50.

Chinese caller: You need additional 50? And Mr. Mahara what kind of help could help you to get the 50 seats?

Mahara: That is most difficult task, because the south (India) centre - they are guided, control (by) them. So the first thing, it is necessary to neutralise south. Second thing some of money (is) also needed.

Chinese caller: What (is) the amount you are talking about?

Mahara: It is not clear; It must be discussed with our chairman (Prachanda).

Chinese caller: Mr. Mahara, I have one of my friends who is thinking about (how) to help but he cannot come to Nepal. So we are wondering if we can set up a meeting somewhere else?

Mahara: Where is his convenience?

Chinese caller: Do you think Hong Kong is possible for you?

Mahara: With whom does he want to meet?

Chinese caller: For this matter only you and the chairman (Prachanda). Nobody else.

Mahara: It is very difficult (for our chairman) to move here and there. When he goes to Hong Kong, everybody propagates. Because he was prime minister and he is the candidate of the prime minister(ship) also.

Chinese caller: So you represent him to meet with my friend?

Mahara: Yes I am ready, everywhere I can go, here and there, but this message must be sent to him — to our Prachanda. If you send the message to Prachanda, then he can give me all authority.

Chinese caller: Okay this our plan, Mr Mahara. We are thinking about to meet you first to talk about detail how to help Maoists to get the 50 seats.

Mahara: The most important place is if you have (some meeting place in) China. China means in Chengdu. It is the best place nobody (will) know.

Chinese caller: This is very sensitive and we don’t want to have anything to do between (you) and the Government (of China). You know what I mean.

Mahara: Then Singapore is another place. In Hong Kong, there are lots of Nepalis. But Singapore is best.

Chinese caller: Let me talk to my friend.

Mahara: Hong Kong also may be … this evening I will call you.

Chinese caller: Can you let me know the possibilities of Hong Kong, next two days?

Mahara: In this phone?

Chinese caller: Yes, I am waiting for your call by this number.

Mahara: From your source, you must send this message to our chairman.

Chinese caller: You want me to talk to Mr Chairman?

Mahara: I will call, Okay

(Follow-up conversation)

Mahara: (At) your suggestion – I have talked with my chairman. One thing is that someone (from Chinese end) is also talking with our chairman. That is correct?

Chinese caller: I don’t know, so far from my side only my friend, me, you and Mr Chairman.

Mahara: But he was not concrete. But I have discussed with my chairman and he says because the election is now only four days left – from outside minimum 50 members (we) need. For 50 members, if we cost them then the minimum (needed is) 10 million Nepalese rupees per person.

Chinese caller: 10 million per person that is 100 lakh per person?

Mahara: Yes 100 lakh Nepali rupees per person.

Chinese caller: Alright. Actually, the friend that I have mentioned he might be…but I don’t want to mention his name over the phone for his own protection. Mr Mahara – You can come with some kind of help; he wants to talk to you first because he needs to know detail due to his … If you will be able to pay a visit to Hong Kong?

Mahara: Yes, it is okay, but Hong Kong is – there are so many Nepalis (there).

Chinese caller: For other countries he will need the special visa and that will (attract) people’s attention, that he doesn’t want. But for Hong Kong he can go there and nobody will know.

Mahara: When?

Chinese caller: We are open at any time but for you when will be good time?

Mahara: But it is only four days because we need before four days but - I will try to tomorrow or today?

Chinese caller: How long you need to stay in Hong Kong? One night?

Mahara: Yes, one night is sufficient.

Chinese caller: Okay, we can go anytime. So it is up to you.

Mahara: So I call to this 10 or 12 O’clock this afternoon, I can go this evening also. For discussion to me, it is not sensitive. I called an another name and please see my e-mail after 10 minutes.

Chinese caller: Yes, I am going to meeting, probably I will be able to check my e-mail around 10 am Nepalese time and Mr Mahara if you go to Hong Kong, you just need to tell me the place where I can pick you up.

Mahara: Okay.




Monday, 06 September 2010 09:37

The Double Dealer: Maoists spokesman 
Krishna Bahadur Mahara
Main opposition party in the Indian parliament the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has shown concern on the controversial audio tape about Maoist leader Krishna Bahadur Mahara and an unnamed Chinese man, Press Trust of India (PTI) reported.

Organising a press conference in New Delhi on Sunday, BJP said the government should keep a "close vigil" of the situation as such "interference" into the internal affairs of Nepal could be a "big threat" to the security of India.

"We have received news from there (Nepal) that Maoist leader Prachanda's friends have asked for Rs 50 crores from China to purchase the parliamentarians of the country," BJP spokesperson Tarun Vijay said at the press conference.

If the report is correct, BJP condemns it, he said.

"We demand that the government of India should keep a close vigil on the situation and in any condition, should not allow the interference of China into internal affairs of Nepal," he said.

Vijay underlined that Nepal is passing through a very "critical phase" and said that in such circumstances, China's interference into the internal affairs of Nepal will not only be a threat to the future of the neighbouring country but also the security of India.

He said whatever happens in Nepal should be according to the "democratic" wishes of the people of that country.

Any interference by any country or individual should not be acceptable in Nepal, he said.

The authenticity of the tape is not independently verified.

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