July 15, 2010


 [ We have a copy of Manusmriti down here also. We have also received another version of it from some Indian people which  we think is a revised one. The Civil Code of Nepal 1854 ( Muluki Ain), is the basis for Nepalese laws including the Constitution(s), that derives from the Manusmriti. A parallel in between Manusmriti   and  Plato’s Republic can be drawn  at some points but the caste system was developed from about 100 AD after the Manusmriti was written. 
Sri Lanka has been termed by some reporters, as one of  the sinister places in the world. ( Please click here, scroll down the page and watch the videos).  Yes, Manusmriti can’t be found in every household because it  has not been translated  into  vernacular languages like The Ramayan, The Mahabharat, Shri Madbhagvat Gita etc. ]

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From: Tilak Shrestha 
Date: Thu, 
Jul 15, 2010 at 1:15 PM
Subject: RE: Hindu_Taliban ( Taliban means STUDENT in Pashto)

The Himalayan Voice,

Here are a few comments on your writing. I agree and disagree with you as per the cases. 

It does not matter if Taliban are students or teachers, or for that matter what they believe. However, their use of violence to impose their views and destroying democracy matters. The same applies with Nepalese Maoists also. We should concentrate on ‘what is’, not ‘what could be, would be, may be.’ Taliban exists, Hindu Taliban does not.

Yes, Indian myopic policy of using Maoists in Nepal has played havoc in Nepal and also creating problems to India.

Actually there is socio-political impetus for groups like LTTE, not for Nepalese Maoists. After the independence of Shri Lanka, the Sinhalese leaders persuaded the policy of excluding Tamils. In case of Nepal, the Maoists revolution beginning in 1996 is after advent of democracy in 1990. In Shri Lanka the India sponsored peace process of recognizing Tamil rights and sovereignty of the nation culminated to IPKF. However, it failed to satisfy both Sinhalese and Tamil extremists. Rest is the history. In Nepalese case the issues of Caste/Janajati/Madheshi etc. can be solved within peaceful democracy. Maoist’s revolution neither address the issues nor needed. Maoists are merely using these existing problems to justify their war, not trying to solve them. The issues of corruption and non-response of political parties are actually being addressed by the electoral process. You may check the trend and relative seats in Parliament/CA of NC or UML.

Pakistan is the sponsor of terrorists not trying to solve it, and Afghanistan is victim. There is no parallel with Shri Lanka.

There is no progressive or any other kind of interpretation of Quran. It is the biggest Sin in Islam to change or make your own interpretation of the Quranic injunctions. There are a few individual Muslims who like to sugar coat Quran even at risk of being apostate, but they really do not count.

You do not make any sense mentioning Huntington’s clash of civilization. In truth in this time of global communication such clash is over stated. The crux of the problem is Islam does not agree with the freedom of thinking, difference of opinion, multi-culture and democracy. Same with Christianity and Nepalese Maoists.

By the way, Manusmriti is not social code, much less a Dharmic code. The often repeated quote – ‘Bahuns from head, Chhetri from hand … ‘ is not the code to follow but the anthropomorphism of the then society.

You may call President Yadav or Obama as ‘Head’ of Nepal or US. You may even say river Ganga as Mother Goddess, simply because the whole population and civilization rose around the water and top soil provided by her.  Otherwise, by the time British occupied Indian, Hindu legal code has progressed to Dayabhag and Mitakchhara schools.

If you go to Hindu household, you may find Ramayana or Gita, but not Manusmriti. Have you read Manusmriti in full? As a matter of fact, British policy of divide and rule, not the Indians themselves, gave importance to it. Otherwise, do you know any place of time in the history of India where Manusmriti was applied as legal code?

Obviously you have problem posting truth about Islam and Maoists, but not half-truth about Dharma.
 Tilak Shrestha, Ph.D.
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From: Ram B Chherti <rambchhetri@hotmail.com>
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Jul 15, 2010 at 6:28 AM
Subject: RE: Hindu_Taliban ( Taliban means STUDENT in Pashto)
To: The Himalayan Voice <himalayanvoice@gmail.com>, 
Thank you. Most interesting as well as enlightening !
R. B. Chhetri
Virginia, USA
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 10:39:47 -0400
Subject: Fwd: Hindu_Taliban ( Taliban means STUDENT in Pashto)

Taliban in Pashto  means STUDENT which has now become an extremist (terrorist)  movement. A Hindu group says 'Hindu Taliban' may come into existence !?! Any terrorizing Taliban is NO good.
How would you say we haven't posted anything on Taliban or Pakistan. You may check here  to find one. You may check this also 

Does Pakistan Sponsor Terrorism As Some Indians Put Blame On It ?  We agree with you that the Bamiyan destruction and beheading of 12 Nepalese in Iraq  are other issues intertwined with religion. 

We had already told you India is NOT a terrorist country, but it gave shelters to Nepalis Maoists to wage war  against Nepalese government and monarchy in particular. Then  Nepalese government tagged the Maoists as the terrorist and put price on their heads.( Maoists leaders' head. Former PM Sher B Deuba did it). Naturally, the Tamils had moral support for the LITTE also.

The LITTE Chief Pravakaran terrorized Sri Lanka, ( his 'separatist war' was without any socio-political principles/unlike Nepalese Maoists'). Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa crushed them one year  ago . Mr. Rajapaksha nowadays boasts with others( tells Philippines Regime also) to follow him to crush terrorism. 

But neither Pakistan nor Afghanistan can do what Rajapaksha did in May 2009.  The point in posting was Islamic countries should  again check the BBC Survey Worldwide on the Samuel Huntington's the Clash of Civilizations, in which young generation in Islamic countries have been reported hoping for a  good relations with the western world, meaning Israel-Philistine issue will be solved sometime in future ! 

Irshad Manji has, as she says,  a progressive translation of the Quran whereas Mr. Zakaria, one of Harvard’s products, has an undermining tone against Hinduism in his book although it is brilliantly written.

We read the stuff you forwarded below. They can't be posted. The same thing is everywhere. Here is what had been discussed  more than 4 years ago on Hinduism, particularly on the  Manusmriti
The posted article comes from some other source. We have posted related links also, meaning that we do not endorse what has been published but wish to discuss.


The Himalayan Voice Team CambridgeMassachusetts
United States of America
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From: Tilak Shrestha <tilakbs@hotmail.com>
Tue, Jul 13, 2010 at 1:22 AM
Subject: Hindu_Taliban
To: himalayanvoice@gmail.com,
The Himalayan Voice ,
 No, you are wrong. The issues you post in your website defines you. Since you did not write any thing and yours is a web site, it means you endorse it, especially when there is no context to it. Exactly where is Hindu Taliban or why is it relevant? Is not it funny that there is absolutely no posting in your web site about the real Taliban, but you post non-existing 'Hindu Taliban.' You have not posted any on beheading Nepalese laborers or destroying Bamiyan Buddha by Islamic terrorists. Have you? 

Please do post two of the attached articles relevant to the issue you are raising.
Tilak Shrestha, Ph.D.
 Date: Sat, 
 From: himalayanvoice@gmail.com

We are not wrong. You seem to be wrong here.

We just wanted to tell how a highly accomplished general can write such a stuff which simply can not hold the ground.  We also wanted to tell that the Islamic society is so badly backward. Only  that one Irshad Manji  [ a Prof. Columbia University and Yale (?) also. She says she has translated Quran in 'progressive fashion'] or Farid Zakaria and few  others'  efforts  remain futile until some  Harun Yaya   and another Dr. Zakir Naik  out there keep on writing and preaching rentlessly.

Sometime ago, one Islamic cleric publicly told to 'resist' in a program organized by the Mayor of  
Boston. ( will post the video later)
 These people must tell their community to change.
Thank you,
The Himalayan Voice
Tilak Shrestha < tilakbs@hotmail.com> wrote:
The Himalayan Voice
No, you are wrong. Taliban means a group of terrorist trying to impose their political view by force. In case of Pakistan\Afghanistan Taliban, it is the Islamic Sharia. There is no Hindu code or constitution, let alone any group trying to enforce. There are a few Hindus or groups who are reacting against Islamic terrorism and Government's policy of appeasing rather than fighting back. They are apples and oranges. If Muslims destroy thousands of Hindu temples and a few Hindus react back, can you put both cases in par? That is total nonsense. What if US government tried to appease Al Quida after 9/11, and a few hot headed Americans fight back. Will you call them Christian Taliban or American Taliban? 

If you run a business of thinking on policies at least you need to know facts and proportionality. How about two articles on -  beheading of poor Nepalese laborers by Islamic terrorists, and  destruction of Bamiyan Buddha? By the way, please do not forget to publish the well balanced and factual articles attached here again.
Tilak Shrestha, Ph.D.
Date: Sat, 
10 Jul 2010 11:52:22 -0400 
From: himalayanvoice@gmail.com
Well, we just wanted to show how a brigadier general can write such a stuff in the name of nationalism ? We just wanted to tell the people to debate such views.  
We have posted a comment from Hindu Media Monitoring. The comment, we found is very balanced.
On Sat, Jul 10, 2010 Ram B Chherti < rambchhetri@hotmail.com> wrote:

Many thanks to Tilakji for  articulating the truth about the source of terrorism which is none other than 
From:  tilakbs@hotmail.com
To: himalayanvoice@gmail.com
Fri, 9 Jul 2010 19:47:30 +0000
The Himalayan Voice

If India is not a terrorist country, why are you publishing this stuff? There are thousands of articles published in the world. If you choose such a stuff and republish, does not it tell on your intelligence or lack of it? The article is from 'PakTribune' where foaming Islamist blame every thing on 
India. Why are you not publishing their article which claims 9/11 as 'Jewish\Christian\Hindu' conspiracy to blame pure Muslims and Islam?
Pakistan is the 'Epicenter' of Islamic terrorism. Why are you not publishing any? Islam teaches to attack Infidels and kafirs. Please do publish the attached articles.

Yes, we like to know what is going on there or 
India. But then do you see any Hindu Taliban
Tilak Shrestha, Ph.D.
Date: Thu, 
8 Jul 2010 14:38:08 -0400
From: himalayanvoice@gmail.com
To: tilakbs@hotmail.com
We agree, 
India is not a terrorist country. This is why we have published it. We published it so that others would understand what's going on out there.  
Why is it ridiculous ? It is a published material. We do not endorse any writer's opinion. We are NOT that cheap as you have stated below. We have no fear to publish materials which might annoy some and please others as well.  
This is an independent blog. Everyone' view is published. Furthermore, we are NOT biased ones. We have already received positive comments  the post. So, no one can dictate what we should post or not. We accept comments and post also.
The Himalayan Voice
On Thu, Jul 8, 2010 Tilak Shrestha < tilakbs@hotmail.com> wrote: 
Himalayan Voice
This is most ridiculous article I have read. You should not dignify such article by re-producing it. It merely makes your office cheap. 
Pakistan, not India, is the source of Islamic terrorism. 
Tilak Shrestha, Ph.D.